Email and Hosting

Advanced Tech Enterprises understands email is critical time sensitive component of your daily operations. We are here to help you manage and maintain your email services by offering the following.

On-Premise Microsoft Exchange –

  • Do you currently have your own in house Microsoft Exchange servers you need assistance with? With Advanced Tech’s expertise in Microsoft Exchange we can service and maintain your current Microsoft Exchange servers and provide cloud SPAM filtering to reduce unwanted emails.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange:

  • Advanced Tech also offers Hosted Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to have the full functionality of your own On-Premise Microsoft Exchange Server but not the expense. Utilizing Microsoft Hosted Exchange you can access your email where your business meetings or travel may take you. There is seamless integration with outlook so your users can enjoy a rich, familiar email experience and offline access. Create shared contacts, calendars, folders while also having mobile syncing to your Smartphone and update your information on the go.

Microsoft Office 365

  • Advanced Tech is partnered with Microsoft providing licensing and support for the full Microsoft Office 365 Suite . Microsoft Office 365 Subscription allows you to always have the latest Microsoft Office products and the benefits Hosted Exchange Email for a minimal monthly cost.

Email Filtering

  • Regardless of the type of Exchange Mail you have we can also provide cloud based spam and, virus filtering, to protect you from unsolicited and malicious email. Advanced Tech Enterprises can track inbound and outbound email so you don’t have to wonder if you are missing emails or what to do with bounced messages, let us resolve it for you.

Email Service

  • Email Encryption – Need to send encrypted emails? We’ve got you covered
  • Looking to secure your own email name or need to renew it and don’t know where to start? Let us research it and give you solutions to secure the domain